Tenth Grade Bleeds

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Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Tenth Grade Bleeds
Tenth Grade Bleeds.jpg
Book Cover
Author Heather Brewer
Cover artist Jason Henry
Country United States
Language English
Series The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod (Book 3)
Genre Fantasy, Vampire, Young adult
Publisher Speak
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback, paperback) Audio Book
Pages 292
ISBN 978-0525421351
Preceded by Ninth Grade Slays
Followed by Eleventh Grade Burns

Tenth Grade Bleeds is a novel by Zac Brewer, and the third of five books in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod collection.


The novel takes place in a town named Bathory. Settings include Vlad's house, Bathory High, Stokerton (Specifically the parking lot and the interior of the council building), and a gothic nightclub called The Crypt.

Vlad returns to school for tenth grade and one day he saves a small goth boy named Sprat, who was being bullied by Bill and Tom. Later on Sprat's group of friends (Goth kids that hang out front of the high school at night that Vlad was eager to talk to but afraid to do so at first) came to Vlad’s table at lunch to thank him for saving Sprat. Henry and Meredith, Vlad's girlfriend, disapproved of the goth kids so Vlad decided to go with them to the Crypt (A Gothic Club). Nelly tries giving the sex talk with Vlad, but he didn't want to listen. They both agreed that Otis will be the one to explain it to Vlad. Vlad has night terrors of a dark figure, and out of the shadow that surrounded it appear a silver blade. Moonlight glinted off its razor sharp surface, the man plunged the blade downward, ripping it through Vlad’s stomach. Later on he finds out that the dreams are from Otis who was captured by D’Ablo.

Henry and Vlad end up separating from their friendship, demanding Vlad undo the bond between them. When Vlad goes with them he meets a beautiful girl named Snow. After saving Snow from her abusive father, he sinks his teeth into her neck, sucking her almost dry and making her drop to the ground. Vlad leaves her there; he is scared and at the same times, wants more of her blood. Later he calls Henry, sobbing while asking for help. Vlad and Henry end up friends and vampire/drudge again. Both going to face D’ablo and give the journal to him. While walking only ten steps Henry lets out a scream and Vlad turns to see Ignatius, the vampire who’d attacked him before, had Henry by a fistful of hair. A sharp, curved blade was pressed dangerously close to Henry’s throat.

Later on finding out that Ignatius is none other than his own grandfather, who wants to kill Vlad and bring honor back to his family’s name. D'Ablo goes and ties Vlad up to a chair and gags him. Later, Vlad gets free. D’Ablo got away after Vlad burnt his hand off. Otis returns to Nelly’s house with Vlad and Henry waiting upon the letter from Vikas stating otherwise. At the Freedom Fest Vlad breaks up with Meredith to save her from himself, and goes to the back ally where he once bit into Snow's neck and meets her there. Finally, Vlad bites into her neck because she is now his drudge. they meet frequently for some days. The book ends with a letter that Vlad was supposed to get a while back containing Otis's teaching on writing in Elysian Code.

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