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Tenth planet is a term formerly applied to possible planets beyond Neptune, before the reclassification of Pluto. It may also refer to:

  • The Tenth Planet, the Doctor Who serial
  • The Tenth Planet, a novel by Leo Melamed
  • The Tenth Planet, a 1952 sci-fi radio play
  • 3 Juno, an asteroid that was the tenth object to be identified as a planet before the asteroids were demoted
  • 2060 Chiron, claimed by some to be the tenth planet upon discovery
  • Charon, regarded together with Pluto as a binary planet
  • Eris, which came very close to being considered the tenth planet, after Pluto; it is 27% more massive than Pluto and of similar size
  • Many other trans-Neptunian objects discovered at this time, such as Haumea, Makemake, Quaoar (the biggest object found since Pluto and Charon themselves) and Sedna

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