Teodoro Ardemans

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project by Teodoro de Ardemans for the church of Saints Justo and Pastor of Madrid, 1698

Teodoro de Ardemans or Ardmans (ca. 1661–1726) was a Spanish architect and painter.

Ardemans was born in Madrid to a German father.

He was a disciple of the painter Claudio Coello, although he mainly practiced architecture; the municipality of Toledo named him master of the Cathedral of Toledo. In 1702, King Philip V of Spain named him to succeed José del Olmo as the master for Royal works, and in 1704 as their chamber painter. He worked on the extensive renovations of the Palace of Aranjuez, including completing the facade to a design of Francisco Herrera. He also helped in the decoration of the Palace of la Granja de San Ildefonso, including the chapel.