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Teragaike 04.jpg
View from sorth bank
Teragaike is located in Japan
Location of Teragaike in Japan
Official name 寺ヶ池
Country Japan
Location Kawachinagano, Osaka
Coordinates 34°27′48.4″N 135°33′31.3″E / 34.463444°N 135.558694°E / 34.463444; 135.558694Coordinates: 34°27′48.4″N 135°33′31.3″E / 34.463444°N 135.558694°E / 34.463444; 135.558694
Status Operational
Opening date 1649
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earth-fill dam
Impounds Ishi River
Height 15 m
Length 147.2 m
Dam volume 71,000 m3
Total capacity 600,000 m3
Catchment area 0.5 km2
Surface area 18 ha

Teragaike (寺ヶ池?) is a reservoir in Kawachinagano, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It is for irrigation to paddy fields near this lake. It was made in the Edo period. Fishing is prohibited in the lake.


North bank
South bank
  • It is nothing special there compared with the north bank. There are houses and fields around the lake.
Teragaike Park
  • There are fountains and Plaza Of The Four Seasons (四季の広場 Shiki-no-hiroba?) as the main area on the south side of the lake.
  • There are tennis courts, a small baseball park, a gateball court and a civic swimming pool on the east side.
  • There is Fukujin Benzaiten Teragaike Chinju (福神弁財天寺ヶ池鎮守?) in Bentensan Plaza on the west side.


  • 1649 : Yojibe Nakamura (中村與次兵衛 Nakamura Yojibei?) played a key role, and originally they expanded the small pond which there was, and, for newly reclaiming a rice field, it was made.A total of about 40,000 was mobilized.
  • 1969 : Finished renovation

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