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Teresa Christoforovna Margulova (Russian: Маргулова, Тереза Христофоровна) (1912–1994) was a Doctor of Science, Professor - Founder and Head of The Department of Nuclear Power Stations of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Teresa Christoforovna Margulova was born on August 14, 1912 and grew up in Baku. After graduating from The Azerbaijan Industrial Institute and working as an engineer in commissioning and planning organizations of Baku, Leningrad and Moscow, she continued her education in PhD program of The Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI - in Russian: МЭИ).

The whole further future of T.C. Margulova was associated with MPEI. She lectured until 1956 at The Department of Boilers, raising from an Assistant Lecturer to a Full Professor, while working on her Doctoral Dissertation and finally earning her Doctoral Degree. Her research has been associated with the development of one of the key implementation issues of Ultra High Heat Engineering: creation of a reliable and efficient Chemical Water Treatment of Heat Transfer Circuits of Boilers.

Her research results were widely used in practice in Nuclear Power Stations (Leningrad and Chernobyl), naval vessel's nuclear power plants, including Nuclear Icebreaker "Lenin", Thermal Power Stations (Kostroma GRES). Teresa Christoforovna was directly involved in the implementation of the latest technology in Power Engineering.

Since 1956, The T.C. Margulova began to actively deal with retraining of specialists and improvement of technological processes for The Nuclear Power Industry.

At the initiative of T.C. Margulova in 1956 the world's first college and university Department of Nuclear Power Plants, the head of which she has been for many years, and in her last years worked at as a professor. In 1956, five students from The fifth year of Heat Power Department (TEF) were recruited to specialize in "Nuclear Power Plants" (NPP - in Russian: АЭС), and next year, in 1957 was the first graduation. All methods developed in the NPP of MPEI have led to creation of similar departments and disciplines in higher education of Soviet Bloc Countries, she was personally instrumental an involved with. For The textbook "Nuclear Power Plants" in 1971 Margulova T.C. was awarded The State Prize. All generations of The Atomic Eastern Bloc Nuclear Engineers grew up with this book.

At NPP T.C. Margulova also led international courses for retraining engineering graduates to work in The nuclear power industry in Russia, other republics of The USSR, and many foreign countries.

Teresa Christoforovna have been a leader in the development of scientific methods and their practical implementation in many areas of Thermal Plant Heat Exchange Systems, Water Chemistry and Technology of Materials One of these technologies was awarded The State Prize in 1978.

For several years Teresa Christoforovna served as the Dean of the Chair of Thermal Power Plants and later as a Deputy Director of MPEI, she was a member of The Scientific and Technical Councils of several Government Departments, agencies, editorial boards, including a deputy chief editor of the "Power Plant Engineering" magazine.

Teresa Christoforovna's work was rewarded by many government awards - among others by "The Order of Lenin" and " The Order of Honor", and twice she was awarded the State Prize. In 1981 Margulova was awarded the title "Honored Scientist of The Russian Federation." In 1993, among the first, she was elected an honorary member of The International Academy of Engineering. Margulova T.C. - was also awarded Honorary Doctorates of foreign universities: Budapest University of Technology and The Graduate School of Engineering in Zittau (Germany)

Under the direction of T.C. Margulova more than 70 Ph. D. Dissertations and 6 Doctoral Dissertations were earned. Many teachers and scientists of Russia and other countries consider themselves to be her students and followers.

Margulova T.C. has published about 300 scientific papers, and around two dozen books.

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