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Teri Woods (born 8, March 1968) is an American novelist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,[1] and a successful, self-published pioneer of the urban fiction genre.[2]

Woods finished writing her first novel, True to the Game, in 1992 while working at a law firm in Philadelphia.[3] She spent six years submitting the work to numerous publishers, all of which rejected her. In 1998, Woods had copies of the book printed herself and began to hand-sell the novel to booksellers in and around the Philadelphia area and, eventually, across the United States, eventually starting Teri Woods Publishing, a self-publishing house to put out her own work and that of others, principally in the urban fiction genre, aimed at a demographic largely ignored by major publishers.[4] Woods's breakout success helped her negotiate a multimillion-dollar contract with Hachette Book Group USA to re-release her previously published novels.

In 2015, it was announced that True to the Game was being produced into a film of the same name.[5]

Woods is the sister of Dexter Wansel, American keyboardist.

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