Terror Syndrome

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Terror Syndrome
Terror Syndrome - Logo.jpg
Background information
Origin Vancouver, BC
Genres Heavy metal
Years active active 2006–2009
less active 2009–2013
current status unknown
Labels Independent
Associated acts The Devin Townsend Band
Ten Ways from Sunday
God Awakens Petrified
Website Terror Syndrome
Members Ryan Van Poederooyen
Dave Young
Mike Young
Dave Padden
Past members Denton Bramley

Terror Syndrome is a Canadian metal band formed by drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2006. Initially announced as a Van Poederooyen solo project, it grew into a dedicated band consisting of Devin Townsend Band members Van Poederooyen, Mike Young, and Dave Young, alongside Annihilator vocalist Dave Padden. The band's debut release, Terror Syndrome, was independently released online in July 2008. Due to the members' other obligations, the band meets infrequently and has not made any public announcements since 2013.


Canadian drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen, known for his work in experimental metal band God Awakens Petrified and progressive metal group The Devin Townsend Band, first announced plans for a solo project in mid-2004.[1] Over time, his idea grew from a solo project to a complete band.[2] In late 2006, the band's name and lineup were announced.[3] Terror Syndrome's initial lineup consisted of Van Poederooyen alongside God Awakens Petrified vocalist Denton Bramley and Devin Townsend Band members Mike Young and Dave Young.

The band's first album, with music primarily written by Van Poederooyen,[2] was recorded throughout 2006 and 2007, with a number of guest musicians including Michael Manring, Alex Skolnick, and Devin Townsend.[4] The album, Terror Syndrome, was independently released as a digital download in July 2008.[5] Shortly after the album's release, Bramley departed and was replaced by Annihilator vocalist Dave Padden.[6] Terror Syndrome played its first show at the Vancouver International Drum Festival in October 2008.[7] The band planned a physical release of their debut album in summer 2009, followed by a series of live shows.[8] Since 2009 the members have been meeting infrequently due to obligations to other bands. They were last active in December 2013 with occasional Facebook posts.[9]



Former members[edit]

  • Denton Bramley – vocals (2006–2008)


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