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Terry Denton is an Australian illustrator and author. He is married and has three children. He is the second youngest of five boys, he was born and grew up in Melbourne, Victoria.[1] Denton now lives in Mornington, Victoria.

Denton has written and illustrated more than 30 of his own books and illustrated numerous others for many notable Australian authors.[1]


Denton has developed an enduring and very popular partnership with writer Andy Griffiths and together they have produced:

Illustrations for Paul Jennings and Ted Greenwood:

  • Duck for Cover
  • Freeze a crowd
  • Spooner or Later

His art and designs contributed heavily to style and stories of the children's TV series Lift Off.

Denton has illustrated books by Mem Fox:

  • Night Noises (1989)
  • A Particular Cow (2006)

Illustrations for books by Natalie Jane Prior

  • The Paw (1993)
  • The Paw in Destination: Brazil (1995)
  • The Paw in The Purple Diamond (1998)
  • The Paw Collection (2007, omnibus of the three books with new b/w artwork)

Illustrations for books by Gillian Rubinstein

  • Mr Plunkett's pool (1992)
  • Jake and Pete (1995)
  • Jake and Pete and the stray dogs (1997)
  • Ducky's nest (1999)
  • Jake & Pete and the Catcrowbats (1999)
  • Jake and Pete and the magpie's wedding (2002)

His own books include the Gasp! series, which has been adapted into an animated TV series of the same name (and aired on Nine Network and ABC3), the Storymaze books, which are a mix of novel and comic book, and the popular Wombat and Fox collection.


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