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Terry Kitchen (born Max Pokrivchak in Phillipsburg, New Jersey[1][2]) is an American folk singer-songwriter. He grew up in Bethlehem and Easton, Pennsylvania and Findlay, Ohio and attended college at Occidental College and the Guitar Institute of Technology.

After college, he moved to Boston and fronted the 1980s pop/rock band Loose Ties before moving on to a solo career in acoustic music. He has performed in New England coffeehouses and folk festivals, as well as nationally, ever since.

He derived his stage name from a character in Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s 1988 novel, Bluebeard. Vonnegut's Terry Kitchen was a talented member of the Abstract Expressionist movement.


  • Max Po-KRIV-chak (1991)
  • Blues and Grace (1993)
  • I Own This Town (1995)
  • Blanket (1997)
  • Blues for Cain & Abel (1999)
  • Perpendicular Universe: Loose Ties 1982-1988 (2001) (with Loose Ties)
  • Right Now (2002)
  • That's How It Used To Be (2004)
  • heaven here on earth (2006)
  • Summer to Snowflakes (2009)


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