Testing Times

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"Testing Times"
The Green Green Grass episode
2.1 - Testing Times.jpg
Boycie suffers at the hand of his staff.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 1
Directed by Dewi Humphreys
Written by Jim Sullivan
Production code 2:1 (8)
Original air date 15 September 2006
Running time 30 Minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock"
Next →
"Here's to You, Mrs Boyce"
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"Testing Times" is an episode of the BBC sitcom, The Green Green Grass. It was first screened on 15 September 2006, as the first episode of series two.[1]


Boycie uses artificial fertiliser to increase the amount of crops he produces a year, but unfortunately for him his mad next door neighbour Llewellyn spots him hiding the artificial fertiliser and calls the European Union who come to inspect Boycie's farm. Boycie panics and believes he will be sent to prison, and Elgin, Bryan and Jed add to his worries when they give him a sleeping potion that results in an abnormal amount of hair loss. Can the farm staff save Boycie in time?

Episode cast[edit]

Actor Role
John Challis Boycie
Sue Holderness Marlene
Jack Doolan Tyler
David Ross Elgin
Ivan Kaye Bryan
Ella Kenion Mrs Cakeworthy
Peter Heppelthwaite Jed
Alan David Llewellyn
Lisa Diveney Beth
David Cann Farm Inspector
Nigel Harrison Ray

Production, broadcast and reception[edit]


This episode was written by Jim Sullivan, son of John Sullivan. The second series was written by a range of writers including John Sullivan himself.


During its original airing, the episode had a viewing audience of 5.04 million, in the 8:30pm timeslot it was shown. The episode made it into the top thirty of that week.

DVD release[edit]

The UK DVD release was released on 7 April 2008. The release includes the 2006 Christmas special, commentary on the first episode and a special ‘The Making of...’ documentary.[2]


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