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kgb Knowledge Generation Bureau
Wholly owned subsidiary
Industry Mobile search
Founded August 2003 as Re5ult Ltd
Headquarters Cambridge, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
Services Mobile search
Owner Knowledge Generation Bureau
Number of employees
250+ in 12 countries
Website KGBAnswers.co.uk
Do Sheep Shrink in the Rain?

Texperts was a UK-based mobile search service. In December 2008, Texperts was bought by the United States-based Knowledge Generation Bureau, operator of the 118 118 services, a directory services company which had also entered the SMS Any question market.[1] The company was later renamed KGBAnswers.


Re5ult Ltd was launched initially with a subscription-based service called 'Re5ult' on a normal mobile number. However, in August 2004 the service was launched on a premium text code and rebranded as 82ASK. In 2007, Re5ult switched phone numbers and brands again, relaunching the service as Texperts on short code 66000.


A "road test" on the question "How many people were alive compared with all who had ever lived" resulted in the service answering the question in five minutes, with the closest rival answering it in twenty-two minutes. A similar question asked for "a hotel in Ireland within half an hour of Rosslare en route to Westmeath" achieved similar results.[2] The company had an average monthly growth of 20%,[3] and had one of the most recognisable brands in the UK market.


In 2006, Texperts released the book Do Sheep Shrink in the Rain?, subtitled "The 500 Most Outrageous Questions Ever Asked and Their Answers", published by Virgin Books, ISBN 0-7535-1179-7. The 256 page paperback is a compilation of questions received and answered by the service.[4]

Awards and partnerships[edit]

The company has won several national awards,[5][6][7][8][9] and has business deals with several multinational companies, including Multimap, GlaxoSmithKline and The Relationship Specialists.[10] The company also has exclusive access to the official Guinness World Records database, and operates several other text services, including partnerships with Thomson and BAA.[11]

Awarding body Award Notes Year
Real Business/CBI Growing Business Awards Innovative Company of the Year Winner 2007
National Business Awards Best Use of Technology in Business Winner 2007
National Business Awards Business Innovation of the Year Highly Commended 2007
Startups Awards Best Use of Technology Winner 2006
British Business Angels Best Angel backed Business with Young Management Winner 2006
Global Messaging Awards Best Content or Information Service Winner 2005
Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year Winner (Eastern Region) 2005

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