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TextAmerica (TA) was one of the first online photo album or moblog sites that allowed users to upload pictures directly from a digital camera or camera phone or images manipulated with photo editing software to a personal page. Originally a free site, TextAmerica began charging membership fees in July 2006 deleting content uploaded to old free accounts some months after that. It closed in December 2007. The domain name is now being used by a different company and service.

TA Mafia vs The Darkside[edit]

Shortly before the company's demise, a group of users collectively calling themselves the TA Mafia took dominance over the site. The group began harassing and publicly embarrassing users they did not care for by using bullying tactics that went undisciplined by the site's owners. Disgusted by these actions, a second group formed taking upon the name The Darkside. Two users known only by their handles Darth Vader and Zod began using the same tactics against members of the TA Mafia in a humorous fashion. The TA Mafia would take offense to these actions, going as far as making death threats to Vader and Zod. However, members started to leave the TA Mafia in droves and pledge their allegiance to The Darkside. Eventually, Darth Vader and Zod were banned from the site by the administrators, however, this action backfired as users desperately missed their humorous tactics. Members began cancelling their accounts and moving their activities to Flickr in protest. Following several attempts to stay afloat, even going as far as beginning to charge their users, the company folded in December of 2007.

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