Teza River

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Sunset on Teza River in Shuya (photo 2000)

The Teza River (Russian: Те́за) is a river in Ivanovo Oblast, Russia. It is a left tributary of the Klyazma River, which is in turn a tributary of the Volga River. It has a length of 192 kilometers and a drainage basin with an area of 3,450 square kilometers. Annual flooding occurs between April and the middle of May. It is under ice starting some time between the beginning of November to the beginning of December until some time in April. The city of Shuya is located on the Teza River.

The Teza valley was historically an important textile-industry region.[1]


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Coordinates: 56°31′14″N 41°54′42″E / 56.5206°N 41.9117°E / 56.5206; 41.9117