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Thaddeus Lynch (born 1882), more commonly known as Ted, was a Northern Ireland politician and Bar owner.

Lynch was born in Arigna, County Roscommon in 1882. As a young man he moved to Belfast to find employment and started work in a bar washing glasses. Becoming a business man over time he succeeded in buying his own public house and eventually owned three bars in Belfast, The Monaco, The Criterion and Lynches .

He was a senator in the Senate of Northern Ireland from 1941 to 1949.[1][2]

He had nine children, six sons (Patrick Dominic, Gerard, John and Timothy and Edmond ) and three daughters (Madeleine, Marie and Nan).

His interest in politics was carried on by subsequent generations and his daughter Madeleine Bradley was active in the establishment of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.[citation needed]

His grandson, Thaddeus (Ted) Lynch Bradley, has also been a member of the Green Party.[citation needed]

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