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The Thakore are Rajput caste found in the state of Gujarat in India. They also known as Patanwadia, Dharala, Kshatriya, or Baria.,[1] Rajput Vansh Itihas, Azadina Agiya, The Most Protect Record in Vahivancha Barot Of Palvi Thakore-Darbar-Jagirdar and their Elders. They are most Kshatriya Community in Gujarat. But They are Divide in Thakore-Darbar Jagirdar- Rajput Etc. Group. The Thakore, Darbara and Jagirdar are not Cast. But they are Most Largest Group of Kshatriya- Thakur Bhavansinh.

History and origin[edit]

The Thakore(Thakore means [[Paalvi Thakore-Paalvi Darbara And Jagirdara, All are Kshatriya) of Gujarat claim to have originated in Gujarat State.They are clans of Rajput community.° They are found in the districts of Mehsana, Patan, Ahmedabad, Banaskantha, Gandhinagar, Kheda, Anand, Sabarkantha, Aravalli, Panchmahal and Baroda. The community resemble many other quasi-Rajput groupings such as the Kathi found in Gujarat. They have a number of clans, called ataks, the chiefs ones being the Makwana, Solanki, Parmar, Jhala, Chauhan and Vaghela, Dabhi,Jadava]] all of which are also Rajput clans, suggesting a common origin with the Rajput community. Like other Hindu communities, they maintain the custom of clan exogamy.[1]


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