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Thames Hare and Hounds is the oldest adult cross-country running club in the world, based on the Roehampton end of Wimbledon Common, adjacent to Richmond Park, and draws runners from across south-west London. Both the men's and women's teams compete in the Surrey Cross Country League, division one; the club also fields teams in road races and relays. Thames host races in Richmond Park and on Wimbledon Common, in particular the cross-country OxfordCambridge Varsity Match, held each year since 1880[1] on Wimbledon Common after the end of Michaelmas term.


The club was founded in 1868, by members of Thames Rowing Club, particularly Walter Rye.[2] Its name derives from the Victorian game of "Hare and Hounds" or "Paper Chase", in which one runner (the "hare") lays a trail of paper to be followed by the other runners (the "hounds"). The game had been established in schools for decades before the founding of Thames - the Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt has written records going back to 1831.[3]


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