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Thameside Radio was an unlicensed radio station based in London UK. It launched in the winter of 1977 [1] offering [2] "very slick pop rock with competitions", according to Time Out magazine. According to the Richmond and Twickenham Times, they broadcast from "a certain Notting Hill tower block" [3] – a reference to Trellick Tower.[4]

The station received 30-40 letters each week[5] and had an estimated listenership of around 20,000.[3] It pioneered new music and is noted by the New Musical Express for giving airplay to "Win a Night Out with a Well-Known Paranoiac" by Barry Andrews which was subsequently picked up by BBC Radio 1.[6]

Increasing numbers of raids resulted in the station losing five transmitters in six months[7] and the station ceased live transmission, instead taping its shows shortly before broadcast.[7]

Recordings of a number of Thameside Radio shows are held by the British Library.[8] Many shows are available for download from

In late 1984, Thameside set up the first London unlicensed TV station for a one-off event, which received coverage in the national press [9]


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