Thangjam Leikai

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Thangjam Leikai is a small village in the North Eastern state of India, Assam. The village is also known as "Thangjamleikai" in short. It is registered as "Dakshin Mohanpur Part-II" in official revenue document. Non-Meitei people of its surrounding area called this village "Amoldar".

The people in this village are very warm and welcoming in nature. They are average educated and mostly consist of Government servants.

  • State = Assam.
  • District = Cachar,
  • Sub-division = Silchar,
  • Legislative Assembly Constituency (L.A.C.)= 10-SONAI
  • Name of Polling Station = Dakshin Mohanpur Madhya Engreji (M.E.) Bidhyalaya (School).
  • Police Station = Sonai
  • PIN = 788119.
  • Population = approximately 850.
  • Latitude = 24°42'34.02" N
  • Longitude = 92°52'55.40" E
  • Inhabitants of this village are of Meitei communities and Bengali Hindu communities.
  • According to voter list 2010 (Published by Govt. of Assam on 15-09-2010), total number of voters of this village is 534 (Meiteis: 341, Bengali Hindu: 193)
  • Educational Institutions:
1) 362-No. Dakshin Mohanpur L.P. School.
2) Dakshin Mohanpur M.E. School.