The Abduction Club

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The Abduction Club
The Abduction Club FilmPoster.jpeg
The Abduction Club film poster
Directed by Stefan Schwartz
Produced by David Collins
Written by Richard Crawford,
Bill Britten
Starring Alice Evans
Daniel Lapaine
Sophia Myles
Matthew Rhys
Music by Shaun Davey
Cinematography Howard Atherton
Distributed by Pathe Distribution (UK)
Release date
19 July 2002
Running time
96 min
Language English

The Abduction Club is a British romantic comedy-drama adventure film released in 2002; it was directed by Stefan Schwartz. Based loosely on real events, the plot centres on a group of outlaws who abduct women in order to marry them. It was written by Richard Crawford and Bill Britten.


In 18th century Ireland, there are two financially insecure young bachelors, Garrett Byrne and James Strang, whose exploits evolve from the need to secure wealth. Both are younger sons that will not inherit titles and estates so they become members of an infamous society known as the 'Abduction Club', whose main aim is to woo and then abduct wealthy heiresses in order to marry them (therefore providing themselves with financial security). The men decide to set their sights on the beautiful yet feisty Kennedy sisters, Catherine and Anne, but are unprepared for the negative reaction they are to receive, and they soon find themselves on the run across the Irish countryside (with the sisters in tow) from Anne's cold-hearted admirer, John Power, who does not take kindly to the news of their kidnapping, and with the help of the embittered Attorney General Lord Fermoy, implicates Byrne and Strang in the murder of a Redcoat soldier.


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