The Accents

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The Accents
Genres Doo Wop
Years active 1958
Labels Brunswick
Members Robert Draper Jr

The Accents was used as a band name by several different groups from 1956 through 1969. The most successful was a doo-wop band during the late 1950s. Its only popular song came out during the “sack” dress fad, and was entitled "Wiggle, Wiggle." The song was released in October, 1958, and contended that a girl didn’t have to be pretty, or wear good clothes; she just had to wear a “sack” dress, and “wiggle” where it showed the most. It entered the Hot100 at position #96 on December 22, 1958 (for the week ending December 28, 1958) and remained on the charts for six more weeks, peaking at #51 on the chart ending January 25, 1959 and was off the charts by February 15, 1959.[1]

Lead singer Robert Draper Jr died in 2000.[2]


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