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The Acoustic Warriors was a band formed by San Francisco rhythm guitarist Dan Hicks in the early 1990s, to replace his reunited 1968-1973 offbeat psychedelic Bay Area group Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks (which never used electric instruments, and rarely drums).

The Hot Licks group had reunited with Dan Hicks in 1990, and again for a 1992 broadcast of an episode of the PBS music television program Austin City Limits. The reunion program also featured Dan Hicks' new group, The Acoustic Warriors, a combination of folk, swing, jazz, and country styles. The Acoustic Warriors band consisted of Dan Hicks, Brian Godchaux on violin and mandolin, Paul Mehling on guitar and Richard Saunders on bass.[1]

Later versions of the Acoustic Warriors included Paul Robinson on guitar, Stevie Blacke on mandolin, Alex Baum on bass, and accordion virtuoso Jim Boggio. This later band is featured on the cd "Shootin' Straight" 1994 on Private Music. 

Touring versions of the Acoustic Warriors also included Jim Hurley on Violin, Nils Molin on bass, Turtle VanDeMarr on guitar, Tom Mitchell on guitar. Hicks returned to using the Hot Licks name in 2000.


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