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The Adelaide Review
Editor David Knight
Former editors Amanda Pepe
Photographer Jonathan van der Knaap
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Opinion Media
Founder Christopher Pearson
Year founded 1985
Country  Australia
Based in Adelaide
Language English

The Adelaide Review is a monthly news-magazine founded by Christopher Pearson in 1985 in Adelaide, South Australia.[1] In the period 2004-07, it was usually published fortnightly.

"The Adelaide Review sees its function as providing insightful review and analysis of the issues, culture and lifestyle shaping Adelaide and South Australia; to be intelligent, informed, critical and independent; to be essential, objective and balanced; to have credibility and integrity."[citation needed]

Interstate and overseas residents are able to subscribe to the publication and have it delivered by post.

It is one of only three "broad-spectrum non-Murdoch print media" publications in Adelaide, the others being SA Life and The Independent Weekly.[2][3] It is/was owned by the Spanish publisher Javier Moll.[2][4][5][6]


The Adelaide Review has existed in a number of forms since the 1980s,[7][8] as both a magazine and a newspaper. The first edition came out in March 1984.

In the year April 2003–March 2004, CAB-audited average monthly circulation was 38,642.[8] In April–September 2013 it was 20,058.[9]


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