The Adventures of Werner Holt

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Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt
Werner holt 2 1986.jpeg
The cover of the 1986 edition.
Author Dieter Noll
Country East Germany
Language German
Genre Novel
Publisher Aufbau Verlag
Publication date
1960, 1963
Media type Print (hardback and paperback)
Pages 519 pages (2002 edition, both parts)
ISBN 978-3-7466-1043-6
Dieter Noll receives the National Prize from Walter Ulbricht.

Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt (The Adventures of Werner Holt) is a novel in two parts by East German author Dieter Noll. The first volume was released at 1960 and the second in 1963. Noll won the National Prize of East Germany for the book, and it sold almost four million copies.[1] The novel was incorporated into the country's school curriculum and was adapted to screen at 1965.[2][3] The plot revolves around Werner Holt, a young German soldier who becomes disillusioned with the Nazis during the last days of World War II.


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