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The Agenda Project: America the Beautiful In May 2011, The Agenda Project, New York-based non-profit political organization, released its “America the Beautiful” campaign, also known as “Granny off the Cliff.”[1][2] The video was created in response to Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed Medicare cuts, as part of The Path to Prosperity, the Republican Party’s long-term budget proposal.[3]

The video dramatizes Paul Ryan’s proposal to privatize Medicare. The video – which shows an elderly woman getting thrown off a cliff – asserts that the Ryan plan will hurt elderly Americans.


The Agenda Project is a progressive public policy advocacy organization whose mission is to make regular Americans the driver of public policy. The Agenda Project is the publisher of the Daily Agenda – an on-line hub for the progressive movement. Erica Payne, the founder of the Agenda Project, is a political strategist, communications expert, policy analyst, and author.

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The campaign garnered major media coverage, including:


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