The Agrarian History of England and Wales

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The Agrarian History of England and Wales is an academic work, published by Cambridge University Press, which in 8 volumes covers the period from the origins to 1939.[1] Vols. 1 and 5 are each in two parts.

Historian Joan Thirsk was the editor for volumes 4-5, and in 1974 she was appointed general editor of the series.[2]


Details for each volume
Vol. Period covered Published in ISBN Pages Authors
1,1 Prehistory Edited by Stuart Piggott
1,2 A.D. 43-1042 Edited by H. P. R. Finberg
3[1] 1200-1500 ISBN 0-521-20074-1, ISBN 978-0-521-20074-5 1008 Edward Miller, Joan Thirsk, Stuart Piggott, H. P. R. Finberg, H. E. Hallam, G. E. Mingay, E. J. T. Collins, Edith Holt Whetham
4 1500-1640 1967 919
5,1 1640-1750: Regional farming systems 1984 Edited by Joan Thirsk
5,2 1640-1750: Agrarian change 1985 856 Edited by Joan Thirsk
6 1750-1850 Edited by G. E. Mingay
7 1850-1914
8 1914-1939 Edited by E. H. Whetham

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