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The Alfie Roberts Institute is an independent non-governmental organization. It aims to provide a critical voice for change within African and Caribbean communities and society at large.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and founded in 2001, The Alfie Roberts Institute also aims to serve as a conduit through which efforts to effect positive social change can be channeled.


The Alfie Roberts Institute is named after the late Alphonso (Alfie) Theodore Roberts, a native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and a longtime resident of Quebec, who dedicated his life to the social development of people of African and Caribbean descent across the globe. Alfie Roberts believed that social change was always possible, and that common, ordinary people had the capacity to change their own conditions and bring about the betterment of humankind as a whole.

Two organizations - the International African Service Bureau and the Caribbean Conference Committee - serve as positive examples of how groups, small in number but well-organized, can have a wide, far-reaching impact if their vision is clear. They also reflect the organizational tradition in which The Alfie Roberts Institute situates itself.


In June 2005 The Alfie Roberts Institute launched its first publication (ISBN 0-9737178-0-7), called "A View For Freedom: Alfie Roberts Speaks on the Caribbean, Cricket, Montreal, and C.L.R. James."

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