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Amazing (Royal) Crowns
Origin Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Genres Rockabilly, psychobilly, punk rock
Years active 1993–present
Labels Monolyth Records, Velvel Records
Members Jason "King" Kendall
J.D. Burgess
Jack "the Swinger" Hanlon
Judd Williams
Past members Johnny "The Colonel" Maguire
Nate "Super 8" Moir"
Dana Stewart
Ron North
Dennis Del Prete

The Amazing Crowns (formerly Amazing Royal Crowns) are a rockabilly band that began in Providence, Rhode Island in 1993. It was composed of vocalist Jason "King" Kendall, bassist Jack "the Swinger" Hanlon, guitarist J.D. Burgess, and drummer Judd Williams.


In 1999, two years after gaining notoriety by winning the WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble in Boston, the band was forced to change their name mid-tour in response to pressure from lawyers representing Royal Crown Revue.

During the quartet's heyday, they won Boston's WBCN Rumble, were nominated for seven Kahlua Boston Music Awards, toured extensively with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Cramps, The Reverend Horton Heat and others, signed with Velvel Records and released a 1998 album entitled The Amazing Royal Crowns.[1]

The band's song, "Mr. Fix-it" is featured as a playable track in the hit video game Guitar Hero II.[2]

In November 2012, the Amazing Crowns announced that hell has frozen over and they will be opening for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones on New Year's Eve in Boston, MA at the House of Blues. There they announced they would consider playing another show and for people to watch out for them. [3]


Rolling Stone magazine described their personal style in the following passage:

King and the Swinger saunter into the exalted Middle East nightclub, their gabardine shirtsleeves creased and their coiffures slightly greased. One part retro and three parts cool...[4]

According to an Allmusic reviewer:

If you can't get enough of retro sounds and styles, the self-titled debut by Rhode Island's Amazing Royal Crowns is for you. Equal parts punk (a la X), rockabilly (Reverend Horton Heat), and swing (Brian Setzer Orchestra), the Crowns successfully capture the excitement of their live act on their debut, undoubtedly due to the fact that it was recorded in only two days. And impressively, not one overdub was used during the debut's recording. The only criticism is that the songs tend to sound similar after a while, but it doesn't spell disaster for the group, since their energetic, party-hearty performances save the day. Highlights include the guitar-fest instrumental "Gretschy" (named after Johnny Maguire's Gretsch guitar), the "dedicated to Johnny Cash" "Rollercoaster," and the opening rocker "Shiverin' In the Corner." Horns are used to great effect on "Do the Devil," while the music included in "Scene of the Crime" is pure Duane Eddy. The Amazing Royal Crowns should have no problem breaking through in the retro-heavy '90s.[5]


Studio Albums[edit]

  • Amazing Royal Crowns (1997)

Track List

  1. Shivering in the Corner 2:25
  2. Do the Devil 2:44
  3. Fireball Stomp 1:53
  4. Scene of the Crime 2:15
  5. Minute With the Maker 2:13
  6. Gretschy 2:19
  7. Mr. Lucky 1:44
  8. Rollercoaster 2:07
  9. 1965 G.T.O. 3:22
  10. King of the Joint 2:18
  11. Wreckin Machine 1:59
  12. If He Can't 2:32
  13. Harem Caravan 2:31
  14. Swimming in Drinks 1:42
  • Royal (2000)

Track List

  1. Still Royal 2:51
  2. Mr. Fix It 2:33
  3. Perfect Sin 2:50
  4. The Ride 2:20
  5. Halos & Horns 2:54
  6. Flipping Coins 3:19
  7. Hat Size 2:18
  8. Invitation to Alienation 2:30
  9. Out the Door 3:25
  10. Greasy 2:00
  11. Losing Streak 2:31
  12. Bitter Life 1:54
  13. Blue Light 3:17
  14. Chop Shop 2:34

Live Albums[edit]

  • "Payback Live!" (2000)

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Baby's Out on Bail
  3. Shivering in the Corner
  4. Minute With the Maker
  5. American Nitemare (Misfits cover)
  6. Halos & Horns
  7. Scene of the Crime
  8. Trouble at the Bali Hai
  9. Rat Patrol (Naked Raygun cover)
  10. Luckiest Man Alive
  11. Perfect Sin
  12. Handsome Tim
  13. Bloodstains (Agent Orange cover)
  14. 1965 G.T.O.

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