The Angel Maker's Wife

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Anglamakerskan special edition-14887820-frnt.jpg
Author Camilla Läckberg
Illustrator Timrå, Anders
Language Swedish
Subject Popular Fiction-Contemporary Thrillers
Genre Crime
Publisher [1]
Publication date
Media type mp3-book , e-book , large paperback , audiobook (CD) and audio book (MP3 CD).
Pages 400
ISBN 978-91-37-13665-3
Preceded by Feast, Food & Love

The Angel Maker's Wife is Camilla Läckberg's eighth book in her Fjällbacka series, and was published in Sweden on 19 December 2011.[2]


In April 1974 there is a disappearance of a family without a trace from the island Valö just outside Fjällbacka: an Easter buffet is in the dining room and a baby (Ebba) is found wandering the house alone.;.[3] Two parallel stories, one past/one present, where the past explains the present.[4] Ebba and her husband Tobias have lost a son, and in an attempt to overcome the sadness they decide to open a bed and breakfast.[5]


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Feast, Food & Love
Camilla Läckberg
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