The Anthology (Autograph album)

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The Anthology
Compilation album by
Recorded1983, 1988-1989, 2003
GenreGlam metal, hard rock
LabelCleopatra Records
Autograph chronology
More Missing Pieces
The Anthology

The Anthology is the sixth album and first compilation by Autograph. Released as a two-disc set in 2011, it is a digital remaster of two Autograph albums, Missing Pieces and Buzz. The first disc is a reissue of Missing Pieces and contains additional tracks from More Missing Pieces. The second disc is the digital remaster of Buzz, reissued as Buzz and Beyond with two additional versions of "Turn Up the Radio", an alternate electric version which was featured on Steve Plunkett's My Attitude album and an acoustic version listed as "unplugged".

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1: Studio Demos 1983-1988
1."Turn Up the Radio" (demo version)4:46
2."Send Her to Me" (demo version)4:56
3."Nighteen and Nonstop" (demo version)4:42
4."Deep End" (demo version)4:07
5."Friday" (demo version)4:50
6."All I'm Gonna Take" (demo version)6:01
7."Cloud 10" (demo version)3:46
8."In the Night" (demo version)4:25
9."Angel in Black" (demo version)3:50
10."All Night Long"3:58
12."When I'm Gone"4:22
13."I've Got You"4:32
14."One-Way Dead-End Street"3:51
16."Sweet Temptation"3:48
17."Love Comes Easy"3:48
Disc 2: Buzz & Beyond
1."Break a Sweat"4:12
2."Shake the Tree"4:28
3."She's the Reason"4:29
4."Fed Up with Bein' Down"4:22
6."Party Like We Did"4:07
8."Like It Hot"4:03
9."Heart Raper"5:04
10."Can't Stop Rockin'"4:18
11."Turn Up the Radio" (unplugged)4:03
12."Turn Up the Radio" (alternate electric version)4:22