The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos

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The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos
Greek: Αποθέωση του Αθανασίου Διάκου
The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos.jpg
ArtistKonstantinos Parthenis
Year1933 (1933)
Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions380 cm × 380 cm (150 in × 150 in)
LocationNational Gallery of Greece, Athens

The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos (Greek: Αποθέωση του Αθανασίου Διάκου) is an oil painting by Konstantinos Parthenis created in 1933.


The oil painting has dimensions 380 x 380 centimeters. It is exhibited at the National Gallery of Greece.[1]


Athanasios Diakos was a freedom fighter for Greek independence, who was executed by the Ottoman Empire by impalement following the Battle of Alamana.


The painting shows a secular subject in a religious composition, with a cubist style.[2]

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