The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

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The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Agency overview
Formed 1952
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida
Agency executive

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations are a group of charitable foundations established by American industrialist Arthur Vining Davis, onetime Alcoa president and Florida land developer.


The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations were organized in 1952 under a trust established by Mr. Davis. The Foundations bear witness to Mr. Davis’ corporate leadership and acumen, and his visionary, entrepreneurial spirit in philanthropy.

Mr. Davis envisioned his namesake foundation as a highly respected organization with national reach and impact that would strengthen America in perpetuity through philanthropy to “religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes within the United States and its territories.”

Since its inception, the Foundations have given more than 2600 grants and over $300 million to colleges and universities, hospitals, medical schools and divinity schools and have funded visionary leadership in public television for scientific and historical documentaries, children’s programming and distribution of high quality educational media.

The Foundations' offices are located in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

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