The Astronut Show

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The Astronut Show was a syndicated animated television series produced by the Terrytoons animation studio. It first aired on August 23, 1965. Each episode included an episode of Astronut and Luno The White Stallion, plus another cartoon from the Terrytoons stable.

Astronut first appeared on the Deputy Dawg series. He was a short, squat, friendly blue alien in a tiny flying saucer who frequently got into mischief on Earth. He had a human friend called Oscar Mild, who was, as his name suggested, a soft-spoken character. Oscar worked in an office for Mr. Nicely, whose temperament was the exact opposite of his name.

The series was directed by Art Bartsch, Bob Kuwahara, Connie Rasinski, and David Tendlar. The writers were Larz Bourne, Glan Heish, Tom Morrison, and Bob Ogle. Voices were provided by Dayton Allen and Bob McFadden.

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