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The Atheist Agenda is an organization founded in 2005 by group of atheists from the University of Texas at San Antonio.[1] The group is dedicated to the philosophy of freethought, as well as promoting aggressive activism against theology and theological institutions, encouraging non-believers to take pride in their history and community, and providing to them with fellowship intended to be similar to shared by those of a religious background. The Agenda holds meetings open to anyone interested and stages demonstrations (most notably the "Smut for Smut" campaign[2]) in the San Antonio and Austin areas, to make their viewpoints known. A documentary was produced regarding Atheist Agenda and their Smut for Smut campaign in 2011, titled Dissonance. Since its creation, the Atheist Agenda has grown from small gathering of students to a group of hundreds, with members at The University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston in addition to those at UTSA. The atheist agenda at UTSA later disbanded.


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