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The Attenborough Prize is an annual prize, awarded by Richard Attenborough, aiming to celebrate “emerging talent… in visual arts”[1]

The Prize was announced in June 2007 by Lord Attenborough (whose name lends itself to the Prize’s eponym) and the leader of Leicester City Council. The announcement was to coincide with Lord Attenborough’s opening of his personal collection of Picasso Ceramics at Leicester’s New Walk Museum and Art Gallery.[2]

The Prize is awarded by Lord Attenborough to the best contemporary visual artist exhibiting at the City Gallery’s Open 19 Exhibition, in Leicester, England. Lord Attenborough chairs the committee which selects the Prize’s winner from a shortlist of six artists, chosen from over a thousand exhibiting at the Open Exhibition.

Winners of the prize receive £2000 and a solo exhibition upstairs at The City Gallery, Leicester.[3]


  • 2007: Choterina Freer
  • 2008: Sarah Key[4]
  • 2009: Neill Raitt[5]
  • 2010: David Raine[6]
  • 2011: Edward Sellman[7]
  • 2013: Bryan Hible / Mark W Russell (split prize)[8]
  • 2014: Oliver Marc Thomas Leger[9]
  • 2015: Andrea Jaeger[10]


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