The Awakening of Helena Richie (film)

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The Awakening of Helena Richie
Awakening of Helena Richie ad 1916.jpg
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Directed by John W. Noble
Produced by B. A. Rolfe
Written by John W. Noble (film scenario)
Based on The Awakening of Helena Richie
by Margaret Deland
Starring Ethel Barrymore
Cinematography H. O. Carleton
Distributed by Metro Pictures
Release date
  • December 18, 1916 (1916-12-18)
Running time
5 reels
Country USA
Language Silent

The Awakening of Helena Richie is a surviving 1916 silent film produced by B. A. Rolfe and distributed by Metro Pictures. It is based on the 1906 novel, The Awakening of Helena Richie, by Margaret Deland and the 1909 Broadway play based on the novel starring Margaret Anglin and then child actor Raymond Hackett.

This silent film version brings Ethel Barrymore to the Helena Richie role (as Anglin refused to do films) and Barrymore's surname meant better business in the movie world. This film still survives in the Library of Congress and was reputed to be Barrymore's favorite of her silent film work.[1][2][3][4][5]

Actor Robert Cummings also played his same part in the 1909 Broadway play.


  • Ethel Barrymore - Helena Richie
  • Robert Cummings - Lloyd Pryor
  • Frank Montgomery - Benjamin Wright
  • James A. Furey - Dr. Lavendar (*J.A. Furey)
  • Maurice Steuart - Little David
  • Hassan Mussalli - Sam Wright
  • William A. Williams - Deacon Wright (*William Williams)
  • Robert Whittier - Frederick Richie
  • Charles Goodrich - Dr. King
  • Hattie Delaro - Mrs. King
  • Mary Asquith - Mrs. Wright
  • Kathleen Townsend -


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