The Ballad of the Red Shoes

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The Ballad of the Red Shoes
The Ballad of the Red Shoes.jpg
EP by Andrew Bird
Released 2002
Length 12:13
Label Self-released, re-released
Andrew Bird chronology
The Ballad of the Red Shoes
Weather Systems
(2003)Weather Systems2003

The Ballad of the Red Shoes is a collaborative project between Andrew Bird and his mother, Beth Bird, who is a printmaker. In its original printing in 2001, the artwork consisted of an accordion folded set of prints illustrating a story tucked inside a sturdy printed / handpainted chipboard folder. The new package is slightly less deluxe, the artwork is now in a booklet instead of an accordion fold – otherwise, all of the images remain the same. The CD contains 12 minutes worth of instrumental violin pieces.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Theme 1 (Waltz)" 1:54
2. "Something Sinister" 1:37
3. "Chorus of the Swan" 2:43
4. "Theme 1 (Restated)" 0:49
5. "Dance of Death" 1:33
6. "The Door" 2:10
7. "Swedish Folk Tune" 1:27


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