The Baron of Beef

Coordinates: 52°12′32″N 0°07′05″E / 52.209°N 0.118°E / 52.209; 0.118
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52°12′32″N 0°07′05″E / 52.209°N 0.118°E / 52.209; 0.118

The Baron of Beef public house on Bridge Street

The Baron of Beef is a pub in Bridge Street, Cambridge, England, owned by Bob Jones.

Michael Peacock, columnist of the Town Crier, gave his former paper, the Daily Mirror, a story about Chris Curry and Clive Sinclair having a fight there.[1] This was allegedly over Curry's decision to leave Sinclair to join Hermann Hauser to establish Acorn Computers in competition with Sinclair's ZX80 microcomputer.[2] This was dramatised in the 2009 BBC Four television programme Micro Men.[3]

Tom Baker, the Doctor Who actor, stayed at The Baron of Beef while filming Shada.[4]

Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, drank at The Baron of Beef also, according to an interview on The South Bank Show.


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