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The Buster Keaton Show was a television series broadcast in 1950 starring Buster Keaton. It was broadcast over KTTV,[1] which at the time was the Los Angeles affiliate of CBS (the network would start KNXT in 1951). Several episodes from the show were assembled into a feature length film that was released theatrically in the United Kingdom as The Misadventures of Buster Keaton.[2]

An episode of The Buster Keaton Show,[3] and three episodes of Life with Buster Keaton[4][5][6] can be viewed on the internet archive. The former is a kinescope of a live telecast, and includes the original commercials for Studebaker cars. (This was an era where television shows typically had a single sponsor, with The Buster Keaton Show having three commercial breaks, each for Studebaker.)

The Buster Keaton Comedy Show[edit]

This was Keaton's second foray into the new medium of television. It followed the 1949 one-off The Buster Keaton Comedy Show. Broadcast live, no record of that first program remains and it was not seen by viewers outside California, as it was not filmed in kinescope nor was there a coaxial cable linking the coasts at that time.[2]


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