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Cat, in comics, may refer to:

  • Tigra (aka Greer (Grant) Nelson), a Marvel Comics character whose original superhero identity was The Cat
  • Patsy Walker, a Marvel Comics character who inherited The Cat costume, and taking the name of Hellcat
  • Shen Kuei, a Marvel Comics character who also goes by the name Cat
  • Emma Malone, a Marvel UK character who appeared in titles like Gene Dogs[1]
  • Cat (Exiles), an alternative version of Kitty Pryde who appeared in the Exiles[2]
  • Cat, a character from Cat & Mouse by Aircel Comics[3]
  • Cat Grant, a DC Comics character
  • An unnamed, red-headed male cat burglar whom Spider-Man has encountered twice (the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man volume 1 #30; Nov. 1965).

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