The Chemistry of Death

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The Chemistry of Death
The Chemistry of Death.jpg
Author Simon Beckett
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series David Hunter Series
Genre Crime, Mystery
Publisher Bantam Books
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 336 (2006 edition)
ISBN 978-0-593-05521-2
OCLC 62475531
Followed by Written in Bone

For the scientific field, see Post-mortem chemistry

The Chemistry of Death is a novel by the British crime fiction writer Simon Beckett, first published in 2006.[1] The novel introduced the character of Dr David Hunter, who has gone on to feature in other novels by the writer. The Chemistry of Death was nominated for the Duncan Lawrie Dagger by the Crime Writer's Association in 2006.[2]


Forensics expert David Hunter is recovering from a shattering tragedy three years earlier. While he is working in an isolated Norfolk village as a doctor, a woman's mutilated corpse is discovered. Police want to exploit Hunter's forensic knowledge to help identify the killer, but he is wary of involvement. Another woman disappears and the small community in which Hunter has taken refuge is divided by suspicion, including suspicion of Hunter himself.[3]


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