The Chillout Project: Acid Jazz

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The Chillout Project: A Soundtrack to Modern City Life
Cd 20chillout acid.jpg
Compilation album by various artists
Released June 4, 2005
Genre Acid jazz
Label EMI Philippines
Producer Anton Ramos

The Chillout Project: Acid Jazz is the sixth volume of Anton Ramos' The Chillout Project series.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Think Twice - More Than Your Lover
  2. Izit - Say Yeah (Acoustic Mix)
  3. Kayo - Om Natten
  4. Ame Stronge - La Belle Humaine
  5. Lisa Nilsson - Never, Never, Never Again
  6. Liane Foly - Voler La Nuit
  7. Teri Moise - Star
  8. Vanessa Simon - Soothe Me To My Soul (Original Mix)
  9. Stanley Clarke - Fantasy Love
  10. Richard Darbyshire - True Survivor
  11. Level 42 - Love In A Peaceful World
  12. Snowboy - Girl Overboard
  13. Sydney Youngblood - Anything (Classic Frankie Mix)
  14. Alan Sorrenti - Figli Delle Stelle (Fabulous Remix)
  15. yo mama fool - Figly digly doo