The Chimpanzee Complex

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The Chimpanzee Complex
The first book in the series, Paradox
featuring the main character.
Publication information
Publisher Dargaud (French)
Cinebook (English)
Genre Science fiction
No. of issues 3 (in French)
3 (in English)
Creative team
Written by Richard Marazano
Artist(s) Jean-Michel Ponzio

The Chimpanzee Complex is a French comics series written by Richard Marazano and illustrated by Jean-Michel Ponzio. It was published by Dargaud in 2007–2011.


In the mid-21st century, the Apollo XI re-entry module splashes down with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on board, both claiming to have no knowledge of how they arrived in the future or why history records their successful return to Earth in 1969. Both men soon die from rapid aging and the US government begins an investigation into the mystery that leads to the discovery of a hidden space race dedicated to putting a human on Mars.


  • Best Album Award in 2007 Lyon's comic's convention.
  • Best album and best story in 2008 Le Bourget Museum comic's convention.


  1. Paradoxe (April 2007)
  2. Les fils d'Arès (January 2008)
  3. Civilisation (November 2008)

Cinebook Ltd translated into English the series, in the following volumes:[1]

  1. Paradox (September 2009)
  2. The Sons of Ares (January 2010)
  3. Civilisation (July 2010)


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