The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

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The Chinese Foundation Secondary School
9 Harmony Road, Siu Sai Wan,
Hong Kong
Type DSS, secondary, co-educational
Established 18th March, 2000
Principal Au Kwong Wing (2009)
Grades Secondary 1 - 6

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School (CFSS, Chinese: 中華基金中學), is a co-educational secondary school located in Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong. It is a Direct Subsidy Scheme school. The current principal is Au Kwong Wing.[when?]

CFSS offers many[citation needed] extracurricular clubs, including four sports.

Background information[edit]

The school was founded by Chinese History and Culture Educational Foundation Company Limited in 2000 and its total area is about 7,460 meter square. It is known for its sports as well as science and technology.

Green police[edit]


Sustainable Development has been an area of CFSS's major concern for the past few years. It aims to provide an effective platform to practice and promote sustainable development in school so that students can realize how human activities have impacted on the planet and adopt positive and sustainable behavior from a young age. The school's Policy of Sustainable Development mainly involved: (1) Environmental protection and (2) Preservation of cultural heritage.

It has set up a Sustainable Development Team in school to promote sustainable development on campus. Under the Team, the Operation Team conducts energy-saving and environmental protection practices: temperature, lighting, green office procurement and operation principles, waste management and green laboratories.


CFSS has joined the Sustainable Development School Award Programme, and clinched "Gold Award School" two sessions in a row in 2009-2010 and 2010-2012 from the Council for Sustainable Development Hong Kong. It has also achieved the award of the status of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD ) Experimental Schools in China presented by UNESCO China in Sept. 2012.[1]

International Prizes [2][3][edit]

Year Award Title Ranking
2013-14 World Robot Olympiad Hong Kong 2nd Runner-up
2013 Australian Informatics Competition 2013 Distinction & Credit
2013 International Junior Science Olympiad Hong Kong Screening 2013 3rd Class Honor
2012 The World Finals of the 64th Intel International Science and Engineering The Third Place Grand Award

Annual Summer Music Event[edit]

Since 2003, CFSS has organized different Cultural Programs. There are varied activities, ranging from Chinese calligraphy to Western painting; from folk dance to opera.

Year Program Title|
Since 2003 Cultural Festival
Since 2006 Culture & Knowledge Fair
Since 2008 Cultural Programs Scheme

Moreover, different professionals and maestros were invited to broaden students' horizons in special topics: Percussion maestro Lung Heung Wing, shadow play master Wong Fai and explorer Rebecca Lee Lok Szeetc.

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