The Chopping Block (U.S. TV series)

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The Chopping Block
Presented by Marco Pierre White
Theme music composer Duffy (Mercy)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Executive producer(s) David Barbour and Julian Cress
Producer(s) Granada America
Original network NBC
Original release 11 March – 24 July 2009
Related shows The Chopping Block (Australian version)

The Chopping Block is an American reality television series, based on the Australian reality television series of the same name. The series aired on the NBC network and followed participants in an attempt to open a restaurant. It is hosted by British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

The first episode premiered on March 11, 2009 to low ratings. Two more episodes aired, each with worse ratings than the last. On March 26, 2009, NBC canceled the series, choosing to run repeats of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in the timeslot.[1] The series completing "airing" on and Hulu, releasing one a week.

On April 24, 2009, NBC announced the series would return to television in Friday, June 19, despite airing on the internet already.[2] After the fourth episode aired on the 19th, it was pre-empted on June 26 by television coverage surrounding the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson the day before. The show returned Friday, July 3. It then proceeded to air until Friday, July 24, the day the final episode aired on NBC.

On April 27, 2009, British TV began showing the series on ITV2, immediately following the finale of Hell's Kitchen, also hosted by Marco Pierre White, on ITV1 of which 6 of the episodes being aired, although episode 7 was not shown on Monday at 8 o clock as would be expected, and there has been no explanation as to what has happened to the series in the UK or why the episode was not shown.

On May 19, 2009, it was confirmed that NBC had canceled the series and would not be ordering a second season.[citation needed]


Eight contestant pairs, each consisting of a chef and a front-of-house member with an existing relationship, are divided into two teams of four pairs each. The teams are each assigned an empty restaurant space, across the street from each other in downtown Manhattan. Each week, the teams are given a task, and open their restaurants for a service. The team judged to have lost that service has its weakest pair eliminated from the show by chef White. Each week, the teams also have a challenge to compete in (sometimes relating to the kitchen, and sometimes relating to front-of-house), the winner of which gains an advantage during the subsequent service.

The format of the American version differs markedly to that of the original Australian version.[3]


The first season consisted of 8 teams of 2 participants each:

Episode results[edit]

Teams Relationship 1 2 31 42 52 62 72* FINALE2
Head Chef
Lisa [Red]
Than [Black]
Michael [Red]
Dean [Black]
Kelsey [Red]
Dean [Black]
Lisa [Red]
Kelsey [Red]
Angie [Black]
Lisa [Red]
Dean [Black]
Lisa vs.
Kelsey [Red]
Lisa [Black]
Kelsey & Vanessa Sisters WIN IN IN WIN WIN WIN WIN WINNER
Dean & Shari Married IN WIN WIN IN IN OUT
Angie & Samantha Mother & Daughter IN WIN WIN IN OUT
Zan & Than Brothers LOW WIN WIN OUT
Panya & Michael Engaged WIN IN OUT
Mikey & Chad Friends WIN OUT
Denise & Khoa Cousins OUT

^Note 1 : The show was cancelled after three episodes.
^Note 2 : The remaining shows are broadcast each Wednesday night on These episodes then air on NBC with Episode 4 having started off the airing of the episodes on June 19, and a break on June 26 because of the Farrah documentary.

^Note * : This episode had no elimination.

     Hotpink background and WINNER means that team was the winner of the competition
     Cornflowerblue background and RUNNER-UP means that team was the runner-up of the competition
     Green background and WIN means that the team was crowned winner for that week
     Blue background and LOW means that the team was up for elimination
     Orange background and OUT means that the team bowed out
     Brown background and OUT means that the team was told to take off their aprons and was eliminated
     Violet background and WIN means that the team was a finalist and won the challenge, but there was no elimination in that episode
     Black background means that the team is a member of the black team
     Red background means that the team is a member of the red team
     Lightgrey background means that the couple(s) were the final two

US Nielsen ratings[edit]

U.S. Ratings[edit]

Order Episode Rating Share Rating/Share
1 "Episode 101" TBA 4 1.5/4 3.98
2 "Episode 102" 2.4 4 1.3/4 3.46
3 "Episode 103" 1.8 3 0.9/2 2.60
4 "Episode 104" TBA TBA 0.6/2 1.94


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