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The Churchills
Also known as Jericho
Jericho Jones
The Churchills Band
The New Churchills
Origin Tel-Aviv, Israel
Genres Psychedelic rock, hard rock, progressive rock
Years active 1965–1973
Labels Red Bus
Hed Arzi
Associated acts Arik Einstein
Shalom Hanoch
Past members Yitzhak Klepter
Stan Solomon
Robb Huxley
Haim Romano
Miki Gavrielov
Ami Traibetch (deceased Sep., 2010)
Roni Demol
Dani Shoshan
Selwyn Lifschitz
Eli Tubul

The Churchills (or The Churchills Band) was an Israeli band founded in 1965, active until the mid-1970s. It was a part of the rhythm bands scene that were active in Israel in the 1970s, especially in Ramla. The band played rock music in English, from psychedelic rock to hard rock and progressive rock. It was also active in other countries, under the aliases of Jericho Jones and Jericho. It was one of the first Israeli rock bands.

The band was a leading force in the early Israeli beat scene, but it was their cooperation with Arik Einstein that helped them cross over to the mainstream of Israeli pop and gain recognition. Their collaboration with Einstein proved to be very influential on Israeli rock. It began when the Churchills were invited to work with Einstein on his third solo album Poozy, recorded in 1969. This is considered by many to be the first rock album in Hebrew. The Churchills played on half of the tracks in that album, one of which was a Hebrew version of one of their own songs ("When You're Gone"). Following Poozy, the Churchills also played with Einstein in his gigs, and continued to play and produce three more albums with Einstein: Shablul (1970), Plastelina (1970) and On Avigdor's Grass (1971). Contributory to the Churchills' sound at the time was the joining of two foreign members: Canadian vocalist Stan Solomon and British guitarist Robb Huxley (formerly with The Tornados).

Band members[edit]

  • First Ensemble (1965–1967)
    • Itzhak Klepter - Guitar
    • Miki Gavrielov - Bass Guitar
    • Haim Romano - Guitar
    • Ami Traibetch - Drums
    • Selwyn Lifshitz
  • Second Ensemble (1968–1969)
    • Robb Huxley - Guitar, Vocals
    • Miki Gavrielov - Bass
    • Haim Romano - Guitar
    • Stan Solomon - Vocals
    • Ami Traibetch - Drums
  • Third Ensemble (1969–1972)
    • Robb Huxley - Guitar, Vocals
    • Miki Gavrielov - Bass
    • Haim Romano - Guitar
    • Dani Shoshan - Vocals
    • Ami Traibetch - Drums
  • Fourth Ensemble (1972-1973)
    • Robb Huxley - Guitar, Vocals
    • Haim Romano - Lead Guitar
    • Danny Shoshan - Bass, Lead Vocals
    • Chris Perry - Drums
  • Fifth Ensemble (1972–1973) (as The New Churchills)
    • Miki Gavrielov - Bass
    • Roni Demol - Guitar
    • Shmulik Bodgov - Guitar
    • Ami Traibetch - Drums



  • 1969 Cherchilim (צ'רצ'ילים, "Churchill's") - Tracks: "Open Up Your Eyes"/"Song From The Sea"/"Pictures in my Mind"/"Comics"/"When You're Gone"/"Strangulation"/"Straight People"/"Subsequent Finale"/"So Alone Today"/"Debka"
  • 1971 As Jericho Jones: Junkies, Monkeys and Donkeys - Tracks: Mare Tranquilitatas / Man in the Crowd / There Is Always a Train/ Yellow and Blue / Freedom / Trangulum / No School to Day / Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys / What Have We Got to Lose / Mama's Gonna Take You Home
  • 1972 As Jericho: Jericho - Tracks: "Ethiopia"/"Don't You Let Me Down"/"Featherbed"/"Justin And Nova"/"Kill Me With Your Love"


  • 1968 "Too Much In Love To Hear" (Gale/Holder)/"Talk To Me" (A-side first recorded by The Tornados)
  • 1970 Churchil Sebastian Bach: Coral for Young Lovers/Double Concerto (צ'רצ'יל סבסטיאן באך: קוראל לאוהבים הצעירים/קונצ'רטו כפול)
  • 1970 "Signs of You"/"Living Loving"
  • 1970 "She's a Woman"/"Sunshine Man"
  • 1971 "Time is Now"/"Freedom"


  • 1969 Arik Einstein - Poozy
  • 1970 Arik Einstein & Shalom Hanoch - Shablul
  • 1970 Arik Einstein & Shalom Hanoch - Plastelina
  • 1970 Oshik Levi - Kzat Sheket
  • 1971 Pupik Arnon - Kol Ehad
  • 1971 Arik Einstein & Robb Huxley - Shirei Yeladim
  • 1971 Arik Einstein & Miki Gavrielov - BaDeshe Etzel Avigdor
  • 1973 Arik Einstein - Eretz Israel HaYeshana VeHaTova

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