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The Churchills are an indie pop/rock foursome from the New York/New Jersey area. They are probably most commonly known for their appearance on the television show Spin City, during season 3 in the episode titled "Internal Affairs". They performed their song "Everybody Gets What They Deserve" at the end of the show in front of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan. This same song is also featured in the TV show Scrubs, in the episode titled My Lips Are Sealed. Meadow Soprano wears a band T-shirt in Episode 3 of Season 2 of The Sopranos, and again in Episode 3 of Season 3.


In the summer of 2000 they released their debut album titled "You Are Here", featuring several tracks from their 1997 release "MAGNIFIQUE 400". Their song "Sometimes Your Best Isn't Good Enough" is the theme of new MTV show Juvies.


  • Ron Haney (vocals, guitar)
  • Bart Schoudel (bass)
  • Tom Cottone
  • Jed Higgerson (guitar)

Former Members:

  • Phil Bloom (drums)
  • Kim Henry (guitar, vocals)
  • Alex Smolinski (drums)
  • Scott Haskitt (drums)



  • MAGNIFIQUE 400 (1997)
  • You Are Here (2000)
  • Big Ideas (2002)
  • The Odds of Winning (2005)

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