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A code is a rule for converting a piece of information into another object or action, not necessarily of the same sort.

Code may also refer to:



  • Code (metadata), data elements whose allowable values can be represented as enumerated lists
  • Code point, colloquially referred as a [character] code (in some encoding)
  • Coding theory, branch of mathematics and computer science dealing with data transmission
  • Encoding (memory), store and recall information
  • Machine code, a sequence of instructions to a processor unit
  • Source code, a sequence of statements and/or declarations written in some human-readable (usually as a text) computer programming language
  • <code></code>, an HTML element

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Society and law[edit]

  • Code (law), body of law written and enforced by a sovereign state
    • Legal code (municipal), a body of law written by a regional or local governmental entity, such as a U.S. state, a Canadian province, a German Bundesland, or a municipality
  • Building code, set of rules that specify the minimum standards for constructed objects
  • Code name, a word or name used to refer to another name, word, project or person
  • Ethical code, adopted by a profession, by a governmental or quasi-governmental organ, or by a trade group or other organization

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