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For the funk group later called simply The Counts, see The Fabulous Counts.

The Counts is a R&B doo-wop band that started in 1953 and is still performing today. Band members include lead singer Chester Brown, James Lee, Robert Penick, Robert Wesley, and Robert Young. The Counts are also known as The Original Counts for the fact they have not replaced any members in their history. Originally a group of five, The Counts still performed as a group of four after the death of Robert Young in 2001.

Robert Young wrote most of The Counts songs, such as "Hot Tamale" and "Darling Dear". Their smash hit "Darling Dear" moved into the top ten R&B charts in 1954. The hit song made it to #6 in the nation. The Counts signed with Dot Records in 1954 while still teenagers. All members attended Crispus Attucks High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, while the band formed.