The Crest (band)

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The Crest
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Gothic metal, gothic rock, Dark Wave
Years active 1996–2010
Labels Season of Mist
Members Nell Sigland
Kristian Sigland
Magnus Westgaard
Stian Kilde Aarebrot
Klaus Blomvik
Past members David Husvik
Xander Sevon

The Crest was a gothic metal/darkwave band from Oslo, Norway noted for their gothic metal with catchy melodies, massive guitars, and a soothing female voice.[1][2] The band was formed in 1996 by Nell and Kristian Sigland. After going through some changes in name and line-up, the band settled on the name "The Crest" in 1999, after recording their second demo where they started to develop their own characteristic sound.

In 2001, The Crest recorded their first full album, Letters from Fire, in Sound Suite Studio together with Terje Refsnes, the producer of Tristania, Carpathian Forest, The Sins of Thy Beloved.

In 2003 the band took a sabbatical to regain time and energy for their next album. Nell and Kristian dedicated some time to a side project named "Rustflower Incorporated", experimenting with electronic music. Also in 2004, Nell replaced Liv Kristine as Theatre of Tragedy's vocalist.[3]

The Crest reunited in 2004 and went on to record their second album, Vain City Chronicles, at the Top Room Studio in Norway. The album features, according to the band, "a heavier, more guitar-based side of the band, while still focusing on the characteristic melancholic melodies and of course Nell's soothing voice."

By October 2010, both Nell and Kristian stated that The Crest has actually split up in favor of other projects.

Band members[edit]

Last Known Lineup
  • David Husvik - Drum (1996–2001)
  • Xander Sevon - Drum (2002–2004)


Studio albums[edit]


Most of these demos ended up on the band's first release Letters from Fire.

  • "Straightjacket Singalongs" – Demo (1998)
  • "Childhood's End"/"Thorn" (1999)
  • "Thunderfuel" (1999)
  • "Dark Rock Armada" (2000)


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