The Cry Baby Killer

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The Cry Baby Killer
Cry Baby Killer.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Joe Addis
Produced by Roger Corman
David Kramarsky
David March
Written by Leo Gordon
Melvin Levy
Starring Harry Lauter
Jack Nicholson
Carolyn Mitchell
Music by Gerald Fried
Cinematography Floyd Crosby
Edited by Irene Morra
Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation
Release date
  • August 17, 1958 (1958-08-17)
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Cry Baby Killer is a 1958 film noir crime film produced by Roger Corman. It marked Jack Nicholson's film debut. Until recently, the film was out of print and hard to find. In 2006, it was issued on DVD for the first time by Buena Vista Home Entertainment as part of their Roger Corman Classics series.


Seventeen-year-old juvenile delinquent, Jimmy Wallace panics after he thinks he has committed manslaughter while fighting with a couple of teenage hoodlums. Wallace then takes several people hostage, one a small infant, and threatens them if they try to escape. All the while police have Wallace surrounded and prepare to rescue the hostages.[1]


Corman later claimed the film was the first movie he produced which did not make money, although he said it earned its costs back off television rights. He also says he was out of the country during pre-production and much of the script was changed by the producer. Corman returned to Hollywood two days before filming began and tried to put the things back in the film but only managed to get some of them in.[2]


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